; What do young people really think about tobacco and vaping issues?

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What do young people really think about tobacco and vaping issues?

Whilst we can provide facts, information, activities and resources on a wide range of tobacco issues, it can often be difficult to appreciate just what young people think and believe about tobacco issues.

In this section we provide links to qualitative research reports and briefings that aim to highlight the thoughts, views and opinions that young people have about particular tobacco issues.


  • This report,produced and published by the Scottish Government in May 2016, summarises findings from qualitative research into young adults’ awareness and experiences of, and attitudes towards, e-cigarettes. It explores a wide range of themes related to e-cigarettes, including the young adults’ perceptions and attitudes, knowledge and understanding, personal experience, and information needs.
  • Each year since 2014, ASH Wales have carried out a series of survey based studies looking at awareness and usage of e-cigarettes by young people under the age of 18.

Young people's access to tobacco via social sources

  • NHS Lothian's Health Improvement Service and University of Edinburgh have collaborated on a project that has seen them work directly with four community based youth organisations in the Lothian area. The project has investigated young people's access to tobacco through social sources, including family, friends and other adults.

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