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Developing and implementing effective tobacco policies in youth work settings

The culture and attitude towards tobacco within an organisation will be a key factor in how tobacco is addressed. Does your organisation actively promote healthy choices by workers and young people? Is it open to new learning and change?  What current practices are in place?

Whilst addressing tobacco prevention within community youth groups should be a joint responsibility, we also know that the attitude and approach of individuals can and does influence culture and approach, both positively and negatively.

One of the key tools we have to determine and influence culture, attitude and approach is an effective, health promoting tobacco policy. A respected tobacco policy should be the net that holds together all of the attitudes, approaches, formal procedures and practices that support the protection and promotion of healthy choices by workers and young people.

ASH Scotland, in partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Smokefree Services have developed a tobacco policy support guide for organisations, groups and youth workers that work with young people in community settings. 

The tobacco policy guide aims to encourage and support organisations to extend their tobacco policies beyond simply stating where staff and young people can and cannot not smoke and instead focus on protecting and promoting the health and wellbeing of staff and young people.

The tobacco policy support guide can be downloaded for free here and it includes the following sections: 

  • Why is developing a tobacco policy so important?            
  • Reasons for developing a more comprehensive tobacco policy.  
  • Contexts and backgrounds.         
  • Barriers to tobacco policy development.
  • Opportunities that support the development of tobacco policies.       
  • Developing a health promoting tobacco policy.   
  • Implementing a health promoting tobacco policy.             
  • Useful contacts and resources . 
  • Policy development case studies - How have others done it?      


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