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Recognition and accreditation for youth groups

Getting formal recognition for your group’s commitment to tobacco prevention couldn’t be easier!

Scotland's Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation

If you are supporting young people to develop tobacco prevention and education messages then you already meet the criteria to sign up to Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation. Supporting the Charter means that you’ll gain recognition for the work you’ve been doing and shows your support for a tobacco-free generation by 2034.

The process to register your support is straightforward. Just let ASH Scotland know you’d like to pledge your support and they will take care of the rest.

The Charter is flexible to the needs of your youth group and builds on activities you already do. You’ll be able to access free resources, display the Charter logo on your materials and you could even win a Charter Award. 

Recognition and accreditation for young people

Community based youth work provides a massive range of opportunities for young people to grow, learn and develop. Formally recognising and accreditating what young people achieve when they are involved with community based youth work is extremely important.

Awards like Dynamic Youth Awards and Youth Achievement Awards provide open frameworks that enable learning providers to mould awards around existing youth work and school programmes. 

To find out more about these, and other accreditation frameworks, take a look at Amazing Things, the guide to youth awards in Scotland. 

Young Scot Rewards - get started on tobacco prevention and earn rewards!

Taking part in tobacco prevention activities and getting involved in tobacco - free events provide an ideal opportunity for young people to collect Young Scot Reward points. 

If your group has used Dynamic Youth Awards, Youth Achievement Awards, Duke of Edinburgh Awards or Saltire Awards to accredit the work that they've have done, they can gain Young Scot Reward points. Have a look at the Young Scot Rewards page to find out more. 






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