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New ASH Scotland #befree campaign

The #befree campaign explores three key messages to help young people identify with being fitter, happier, better off and achieving more by being smoke-free.

Today, it is young adults (aged 16 – 24) who are most at risk of taking up smoking.

Whether they are looking for stress relief, something to do or just to fit in with a group, the majority of those that start smoking go on to say that they regret it.

The places that young people spend most of their time, whether that be university, college, training or work, can influence the decisions they make. #befree will help young people to identify with the immediate benefits of not smoking as they navigate these life transitions.

If you work with young adults, #befree will equip you with positive messages to empower young adults to achieve more by never starting and encouraging conversation about why they should consider quitting if they are a smoker. Read more about the campaign and access free resources on the #befree website.

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