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Volunteer Induction Tools

Useful References

Growing better youth work - A guide to strengthening your volunteer team
This free guide looks at the different stages for supporting volunteers including volunteer induction, and identifies a range of resources that are available to support volunteering in youth work.

No Limits – volunteering as a model of youth development
This guide highlights the value of volunteering as an approach to youth development, and provides some guiding principles on developing young people as volunteers.

Continuous Professional Development Strategy (2009)
CLD Standards Council for Scotland CLD values and principles and competences provide a framework for developing practice in CLD and youth work.

Risk Assessment
The Health and Safety Executive describe five steps to risk assessment.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) in Youth Work (2008)
This Lifelong Learning UK document provides a detailed list of the standards.

Statement on the nature and purpose of youth work (2005)
Youthlink Scotland's statement sets out the context, nature, and purpose of youth work and identifies three definitive features. It was developed with the whole youth work sector in Scotland.


Where else can I find out about volunteer induction?

Organisations that provide information and guidance to support youth work and/or volunteering include:

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