; Volunteer Induction Exercise - Youth Work Essentials

In this practical ideas storm exercise, new volunteers will work with a group of young people, encouraging their ideas and involvement in planning new activities for the youth group programme.  

Work with a small group of young people, encouraging them to come up with some ideas for new activities at the club.  Put the young people into pairs, and give each pair some post-it notes and a pen.  

Ask the young people to think of some new ideas for activities at the youth group and discuss these in their pairs.  The ideas need to be realistic, but can be ambitious!  Get the pairs to write each idea on a separate post-it note.  Give them about ten minutes to do this.  

Then, pair by pair, get the young people to read out a post-it note idea.  Once the idea has been read out, get them to stick the post it on a piece of flip chart paper.  Encourage the group to discuss each idea and think what would need to happen for it to be possible.   

Similar ideas can be grouped together on the flip chart paper.  After the ideas storm is complete, the flip chart paper can be stuck on the wall, and used to influence activity planning over the coming months.     

Learning Outcomes

Volunteers who complete this section will:

  • Understand that youth participation and involvement are an essential part of any youth group. 
  • Know different ways that youth workers, volunteers and youth groups can encourage youth participation and involvement.
  • Appreciate that young people can develop and increase their participation and involvement progressively through the youth group activities.

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