; Projects Supporting Youth Participation - Youth Work Essentials

Many of the programmes and projects developed and promoted by Youth Scotland are based on participation and involvement.  In addition, a range of toolkits are available to support participative practice in youth groups.

Youth Scotland participation projects and toolkits include:

Bored Meetings?
A training pack to help with the development of young people's skills and confidence to be able to take part in decision-making processes. Training for youth workers accompanies this resource.

Involvement Training
A training programme which encourages and enables young people to get involved in the management and leadership of their groups and communities.

Keep it Real
A participation resource pack for youth workers to use in their youth groups. Training for youth workers accompanies this resource.

Youth Achievement Awards
A peer assessed approach to recognising the achievements and contribution of young people aged 14+. The Awards recognise four levels of responsibility taken by young people participating in activities that interest them. Bronze is about young people taking part, at Silver young people share responsibility with others, at Gold they take individual responsibility to organise, and at Platinum they undertake training and lead.

Dynamic Youth Awards
Similar to Youth Achievement Awards, the Dynamic Youth Awards, recognise the achievement of young people aged 10-14 years.

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