; Involving People in the Youth Group - Youth Work Essentials

Youth Scotland encourages its member youth groups to actively engage young people in the programming and running of youth groups. It is important for new volunteers to learn what this means, and to develop awareness of how activities support different levels of involvement.

This section provides guidelines for promoting youth participation and is based on Youth Scotland’s practical toolkits designed to support youth participation (Keep it Real and Bored Meetings):

Learning Outcomes

Volunteers who complete this topic will:

  • Understand that youth participation and involvement are an essential part of any youth group. 
  • Know different ways that youth workers, volunteers and youth groups can encourage youth participation and involvement.
  • Appreciate that young people can develop and increase their participation and involvement progressively through the youth group activities.

For the induction portfolio

Information about participation toolkits, Youth Achievement and Dynamic Youth Awards.  

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