; Volunteer Induction Exercise - Youth Work Essentials

This practical exercise encourages new volunteers to think through their response to a conflict situation.

Imagine the following scenario occurs at the youth group.

An argument starts between two young people, you do not witness how it starts or what it is about.  The argument quickly escalates to shouting and name calling. 

Think about the role of the volunteer youth worker:

  • How should the volunteer youth worker react?
  • What should the volunteer do to try and resolve the conflict?
  • How might the young people involved in the conflict situation be feeling?
  • Is there anything that can be done to reduce the likelihood of a similar conflict situation occurring in the future?

Discuss your thoughts with other volunteers or the induction supervisor.  If more than one new volunteer is undergoing induction, this can be done as a group exercise. 

Learning Outcomes

Volunteers who complete this topic will:

  • Be sensitive to some of the underlying causes of challenging behaviour, and be aware of bullying as a particular type of challenging behaviour.
  • Know how to develop constructive approaches and ways to limit challenging behaviour.
  • Know about their youth group’s approach to resolving conflict.

For the induction portfolio

  • A copy of the youth group charter/code of practice/ground rules
  • A copy of the youth group’s anti-bullying policy


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