; Challenging Behaviour - Youth Work Essentials

There will be times when you need to address challenging behaviour within the youth group. This might involve conflict between young people or confrontation with youth leaders or those in authority. Whatever the circumstances conflict situations generate strong emotional feelings.

Challenging behaviour is provocative, threatening and/or disturbing.

These pages highlight some of the underlying causes of challenging behaviour with a focus on bullying, and identifies practical ways for limiting challenging behaviour in the youth group:

Learning Outcomes

Volunteers who complete this topic will:

  • Be sensitive to some of the underlying causes of challenging behaviour, and be aware of bullying as a particular type of challenging behaviour.
  • Know how to develop constructive approaches and ways to limit challenging behaviour.
  • Know about their youth group’s approach to resolving conflict.

For the induction portfolio

  • A copy of the youth group charter/code of practice/ground rules
  • A copy of the youth group’s anti-bullying policy


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