; Basic Health and Safety - Youth Work Essentials

A serious approach to health and safety is a fundamental part of building a safe youth work environment for young people, volunteers and workers. It is important that new volunteers know about and understand their responsibilities. 

This section of the toolkit explains basic health and safety with respect to volunteers in a youth work setting:

All organisations have a duty to take reasonable care to avoid causing harm to service users, volunteers and the public. In practice this may mean providing suitable equipment, training and/or supervision based on a risk assessment of the activity, event or work being undertaken.

Health and safety basics require that youth groups identify any legal requirements and ensure that the procedures are in place to enforce them. This is the responsibility of the youth group management. 

However everyone involved in the group has a responsibility for health and safety.  Young people, youth workers, volunteers, management committees, and parents all play a part in creating a healthy and safe environment.

Learning Outcomes

Volunteers who complete this section will:

  • Be aware of the youth group’s health and safety policy and their role in carrying out important procedures.
  • Know the range of other policies that come under the umbrella of health and safety.
  • Understand the importance of assessing risk and the types of risk that occur in a ‘typical’ youth group.

The Induction Portfolio

  • A copy of the group’s health and safety policy
  • Completed risk assessment exercise


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