; The Role of the Youth Worker

Youth Workers' Role

The role of the youth worker is key to the success of any successful youth group and you need to ensure that the people you engage have the right qualities and skills and that they understand the responsibilities that being a youth worker brings.

There are many desirable qualities you may wish to look for but here are some of the most important ones..

  • Time to offer the youth group and its members
  • Enthusiasm
  • Patience and common sense
  • A positive view of young people
  • An understanding of young people
  • A sense of humour

Although a key part of the youth worker's role will involve working face to face with young people, there are also other roles that a youth workers may be commonly asked to take on.

These different roles will require a range of skills, knowledge and confidence and you may want to consider appropriate and relevant training for youth workers involved in your group. Whether in paid or volunteer positions, training and support can increase a youth worker's confidence and ability to deal with situations they face within the group setting . Providing good training and support will enable your youth workers  to work more effectively with young people and  also make them feel valued.

Youth Scotland and Area Associations offer a wide range of training opportunities for youth workers. See training calander for more info.

Training may also be provided by your Local Authority, Volunteer Centre or CVS.

Responsibilities of a Youth Worker

It is important that youth workers are clear about their roles and responsibilities and this should be clearly outlined in their role description and discussed during recruitment. More information on recruiting, selecting and supporting volunteers  can be found in Safe and Sound.

Sample Youth Work Volunteer Role Description


National Occupational Standards and CLD Competences

Document Icon The roles and responsibilities of a youth worker are  also described in more detail in The National Occupational Standards for Youth Work National Occupational  and also within the CLD Competences. 



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