; Involving young people in programme planning

Involving  young people in programming planning

Youth Scotland would encourage all youth groups to involve young people  in programme planning and in decision making within the group.

Involving young people:

  • helps young people to build their skills and confidence and is a practical example of how you can support young people's right to participation
  • helps to ensure that you have a programme which matches young people's needs and interests
  • keeps your membership at a healthy level ( young people will often vote with their feet and if your programme is stale or repetitive, they may simply not turn up to what is on offer )

How to involve young people in programme planning

There are a range of different ways you can get young people involved in programme planning.

  A good starting point would be to do an ideas storm so that young people can contribute their ideas and suggestions. See Ideas Storm.

Once you have a list of ideas from the young people, you may also want to add any ideas that the youth workers have identified and then get the young people to identify which are their favourites. You will need to be clear and open with the young people that not all the ideas will be able to be realised right away and that some activities such as residentials or trips may need a lot more planning.

You might also want the young people to get involved in identifying other opportunities that might be available in their local community. Many of them may have tried activities through other groups, their families etc or just have heard about activities they would like to try. Getting them involved in scoping out these activities also makes them more aware of all the things that you need to think about when planning an activity such as space/ special skills/ equipment / transport/ cost etc. See  Activity Ideas sheet.

Youth Scotland's Youth Participation Project has a range of resource packs and training for both young people and youth workers. The Keep It Real and Bored Meetings packs provide activities and ideas on how to build young people's confidence, increase their involvement in decision making and suggest creative ways of sharing ideas

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