; How to plan a programme

Planning a programme

It is good practice to develop a balanced programme of activities which does not allow any one activity to dominate the programme. Involve the young people in as much of the programing as possible to ensure that the programme reflects their needs and interests and make sure that you get a range of young people involved.

You may have some constraints placed on you by the Space, Staffing and Resources you have available but try to keep an open mind in your initial planning. It may be helpful to start by having an ideas storm under different headings :

Arts & crafts -  graffiti art, facepainting, glass paints, origami, carnival arts, fashion

Drama - role play, circus skills, drama workshops

Digital Media - web-design, video production, podcasting, animation

Dance - street dance, hip-hop, Bollywood

Games- team games, non-competitive games, team-building activities

Computers and Games Consules - computer games, internet

Sports - tradtional sports, unusual sports, circuits and competitions

Cooking - pizza making, non-alocholic cocktails, health foods

Issue based - drugs and alcohol, sex and sexuality, realtionships, anti-bullying, environmental

Residentials - oudoor activities, team building, leadership skills

You can then use planning tools such as the Planning Pyramid below to help you map out your programme for the coming weeks/month/year. Some activties will take longer to plan than others and a well thought out programme will contain a mix of regular, occassional and major activities. 

Thinking about the outcomes for young people 

When planning a programme of activities for young people, you also need to think about what the outcomes for young people will be. Your activities should be focussed on providing  opportunities which are fun and interesting as well as supporting young people's learning and development.

There are many ways to capture the progress and achivements of young people within your youth group. You may wish to use award schemes like Youth Scotland's Dynamic Youth Awards and Youth Achievement Awards or another youth award. Visit the Awards Network for more information on the range of youth awards available in Sciotland.

You can also look in the Outcomes for Youth Work channel for more ideas on how to evluate your youth work programme.


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