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Developing a programme for your youth group

Every group's programme will be different, responding to local needs, young people, facilities and resources. But there are core elements to any programme and this section looks at how you can effectively plan new programmes and activities.

A healthy and varied programme of activities is at the heart of your youth work and one of the key elements is to involve young people in the programme planning. By involving young people and planning ahead, you will be able to devise a programme of activities which:

  • Meets young people's needs and supports their development
  • Prevents young people getting bored, which can lead to disruption
  • Keeps membership of your youth group at a healthy level
  • Keeps youth workers enthusiastic

It is important to publicise what is on offer in your youth group so that you can attract new members and keep existing members up to date with what's happening. You might want to organise taster sessions of new activities or set up a web-site or facebook page to advertise your programme.

In this section you can find further information about :

How to plan a programme

Involving young people in programme planning

Useful resources

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