; Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities

Traditionally management committees have a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Some management committees also elect various other roles such as a vice-chair, sub-committees etc. (These are optional unless specifically stated in the group's Constitution).


  • Prepares agendas for the meetings after consultation with the Secretary
  • Chairs meetings and conducts the business in accordance with the agenda, ensuring that everyone who wishes has an opportunity to speak
  • Represents the group ( where appropriate ) at external meetings etc
  • Ensures that annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings are carried out according to the constitution of the organisation

 Secretary :

  • Helps the chairperson prepare agendas for the meetings
  • Informs members where and when meetings will take place and sends out the agendas, together with the minutes of the last meeting
  • Takes the minutes at the meetings
  • Writes and receives any correspondence
  • Keeps the committee's papers in good order

  Treasurer :

  • Looks after the organisation's money
  • Pays the group's bills
  • Keeps all accounts up-to-date and presents them to meetings, including annual accounts
  • Laises with the  Auditor or Independent Examiner for the annual review of accounts ( if applicable )

 As a general guideline, the average number of members for a management committee is between six and nine. The structure of the management committee should be reflective of the group in terms of numbers, gender and age, ete. Youth Scotland encourages the involvement of young people. It is considered beneficial to the organisation if the members of the committee have a wide range of skills,knowledge and experience.

Other Roles 

Not all members of your management committee may actually want to work face-to-face with young people. Consider what other skills and resources you would like access to.

  • Do you need someone with fund raising experience/contacts?
  • Are you looking for someone with wider knowledge of your localcommunity?
  • Do you need someone with book-keeping or management skills?

 Parents and young people should be encouraged to serve on the committee. If you are meeting in shared premises, you may also want to consider having someone from the buildings' committee or a member of your committee being represented on theirs.

Payment of Committee Members

In general terms, voluntary management committee members should not be paid a salary or receive any payments from their youth group,  except expenses. There may be some exceptions to this rule in certain cases where work is being contracted out or where an organisation has a particular legal structure. The rules surrounding this can be complex and so  you might wish to adopt a good practice approach and decide against paying committe members under any circumstances.

For more information, visit the OSCR web-site. 

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