; Induction and Training


To help ensure that your Management Committee works effectively, you should consider developing an induction programme, to ensure everyone knows and understands your aims, policies, practice and procedures. When developing an induction programme consider providing opportunities for new committee members to:

  • meet the youth workers
  • meet some of the young people, ideally on a group night so they can see what you are actually doing
  • be introduced to other committee members
  • get copies of your constitution, aims and objectives
  • get copies of your policies
  • get a copy of your club information leaflet
  • see a copy of your programme and current financial position
  • identify any training needs the new member might wish to address

You may also want to identify someone to meet with them to discuss things they are not clear about.


A number of organisations provide management committee  training. You may want to contact your 

Youth Scotland Area Association 

Local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS)

Local Volunteer Centre

or your local Community Learning and Development Team to find out what is available locally.

Youth Scotland also offer  Bored Meetings training to groups wishing to involve young people in decision making and committees.

The management committee is part of a team, working both for and with young people. You should therefore remember to invite them to youth work training events - many will welcome the opportunity to get a wider perspective on youth work.

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