; Management Committees

Management Committees

The key to a successful youth group is that it responds to local needs and youth issues. One way of ensuring that this happens is to have a voluntary management committee which includes local people and young people. A management committee does just what it says in the name - it's a group of elected people who jointly and democratically take responsibility for running the youth group.

The job of the management committee is to make sure that the aims of the group ( usually in the constitution ) are being fulfilled. They need to ensure that the group is running effectively on a day to day basis but also to think ahead, fundraise and engage with the wider community. The management committee are often the unofficial public relations machine .

There are numerous tasks a management committee has to undertake but the main ones include :

  • Making decisions about the day-today running of the group, eg/ opening times, the age range of members, the activities to be offered etc.
  • Overseeing the financial arrangements of the group, such as maintaining the bank account and petty cash
  • Agreeing the Constitution for the organisation
  • Recruiting youth workers and volunteers in a consistent and appropriate manner
  • Applying for funding for the youth group
  • Adhering to relevant health & safety requirements
  • Ensuring the group has the necessary insurance
  • Ensuring that the group has  the necessary child protection policies and procedures


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