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Our range of learning resources will help you to feel confident in discussing tobacco with young people.  

Smoking and Young People E-learning

Smoking and Young People has been designed for anyone working in a youth work role. It focuses on how smoking impacts young people, providing up-to-date information on smoking and young people in Scotland, including young peoples’ attitudes and knowledge; smoking, e-cigarettes and other substances; and tobacco industry tactics in recruiting young people. 

It also explores youth work’s role in engaging young people to stay smoke-free, and supporting young people to quit smoking, highlighting resources and strategies to enable youth workers to confidently discuss smoking with the young people they work with. 

This course is complemented by our youth work resources, Tobacco-free Generation, designed to support youth workers to deliver activities to help equip young people to make confident and responsible decisions on smoking and their health and wellbeing. 

The Smoking and Young People e-learning course can be accessed online here: https://www.ashscotlandmoodle.org.uk/    

Blog posts

To understand more about tobacco and the impact it can have on young people read our range of blog posts:

The role youth work plays in helping young people to stay smoke-free.

Helping young people to develop healthy coping mechanisms for life transitions.

Learn more about the socio-economic circumstances that lead to smoking as an unhealthy coping mechanism and why prevention and early intervention are important.

Choices for life discuss the implications of young people buying tobacco and alcohol for other young people and how this isn’t doing them a favour.

To mark World No Tobacco Day 2020, ASH Scotland and Choices for Life highlighted ways that the tobacco industry targets young people.


Confused about e-cigarettes? For simple, practical guidance on how organisations engaging with young people can respond to the growing interest in, and presence of, e-cigarette devices see our briefing. It’s just two pages long and available here.

Local training and resources

There may also be training and resources available from your local NHS Health Board, designed to support tobacco prevention activities and stop smoking support.

If you are interested in finding out more about the support that your local Health Board can offer in your area, contact us via enquiries@ashscotland.org.uk and let us help you make the link. 

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