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The activities and resources below will help young people to identify with the benefits of being smoke-free. There are many ways that you can engage the young people you work with to make positive and healthy choices on tobacco.

Tobacco-free Generation Activities Bank

Make use of our short, interactive tobacco education activities bank available to download on our ASH Scotland eLearning website.

This resouce is specifically tailored for those working with young people aged 10 - 16 in youth work settings and is designed to support you to deliver activities to help equip young people to make confident and responsible decisions on smoking and their health and wellbeing.

They provide the facts, materials and resources you need to feel confident to deliver effective tobacco education. There’s a focus on group tasks, group discussion, links to video clips, game-based activities and printable resources to allow you to tailor each activity to the needs of the young people you work with.

Please download the eLearning user guide if you are having any trouble with the ASH Scotland eLearning website.


The #befreeachievemore campaign helps young people to identify with being happier, better off and achieving more by being smoke-free. Our free resources include a range of top tips that will enable you to have conversations with those aged 16 – 24 about smoking in the context of their overall health and wellbeing, while our posters will help you to highlight the campaign to those you work with.


Support Scotland’s campaign to stop young people being given tobacco. Most young people who smoke get their cigarettes from friends, family and other people they know. Often this is thought of as doing them a favour. The #notafavour campaign sets out to challenge the attitudes and assumptions that lie behind giving tobacco to young people. For more information and free resources visit www.notafavour.scot or tweet your support using the hashtag #notafavour.

Quit Your Way Scotland

Quit Your Way Scotland is an advice and support service from NHS 24 for anyone trying to stop smoking in Scotland. Whether someone is ready to stop, just beginning to think about it, or is looking for information, Quit Your Way is here to help.

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