; The Youth Worker / Teacher's Role

A change in culture is necessary. Attitudes require to be challenged.

Scottish education, both formal and informal, has a strong sense of equality as part of its practice. In schools, youth groups and across communities learners of all ages are treated with fairness and respect. The culture and ethos of the school or youth group, as part of the community, also needs to promote diversity and tackle inequalities.  Adults working with young people need to open up approaches to ensure that “hidden barriers”, assumptions or values about different groups do not lead to poorer outcomes for the young people they work with.

It is your role to challenge  views, language and behaviours to ensure they do not perpetuate sectarianism in Scotland. Indeed, Stand Up to Sectarianism goes further and offers positive steps to take to eradicate it at all levels.

It is your role to challenge preconceived notions and assumptions and to encourage young people to embrace diversity of identity, culture, tradition and values. Stand Up to Sectarianism is a first step toward exploring and celebrating Scotland’s culture.

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