; The Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme

The PVG Scheme went live on 28 February 2011, replacing the Disclosure system.

There are a number of ways to access the PVG Scheme: directly through Disclosure Scotland, through Volunteer Scotland or via an Intermediary or Umbrella Body such as Youth Scotland.

Youth Scotland acts as an Umbrella Body, facilitating access to the Scheme for groups that are members and registered. There is more information about how to access the Scheme through Youth Scotland here. Several Area Associations are also Intermediary/Umbrella Bodies and can provide access if you are members in their area.

Using an Umbrella body allows groups to access the Scheme without having to directly comply with the regulations concerning storage of information.   

There are also opportunities for people such as music teachers and dance tutors to obtain Scheme membership (see The Legislation for further details).

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