; Recruitment and Selection of Volunteers

Youth groups don't usually have a queue of volunteers waiting at the door. They are more likely to be overstretched with too few, if any, paid sessional workers and a limited number of volunteers.

In this situation, it is understandable that you might wish to say 'yes' to any help offered.

However, it is essential that all groups recognise that they have a responsibility to get the recruitment and selection of volunteers 'right'. This is to ensure that young people are safe but also to ensure that volunteers have the qualities and skills your group is looking for.

Document Icon The Volunteer Recruitment Checklist may help you with developing and implementing this plan.

In the Recruitment and Selection section:

Once you have recruited volunteers, you will also want to think about how these volunteers are inducted, trained and given ongoing support. This is covered in the Induction and Ongoing support section.

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