; EQUIP - Quality Improvements for Youth Groups in Scotland


EQUIP is for youth groups and organisations who want to improve how they support young people. Whether you are a small local group led and run by volunteers, a youth organisation with paid staff or a local authority youth group EQUIP will have something for you. The most important ingredient for getting involved is that you want to learn and improve.

Engaging with the EQUIP process will enable youth groups to improve how they run their group and the opportunities available for young people by:

  • Learning about what makes a high quality youth group.
  • Self-assessing their good youth group practice.
  • Accessing high quality resources and learning materials specific to their needs.

Download the toolkit.

You can also access the EQUIP good youth group self-assessment tool  as a stand alone resource.



EQUIP was developed by Youth Scotland and is based on consultation with youth workers, volunteers, young leaders and voluntary youth groups and clubs across Scotland. They told us that a framework or guidance tool would help them know how to develop quality youth groups for young people.

In a nutshell, EQUIP involves youth groups in a discussion where everyone gets a say in how the youth group is doing, what are its strengths and how can it improve. The discussion is based on ten quality practice areas such as: establishing the group’s ethos, purpose and needs. At the end of the discussion, groups are asked to select one quality area to work on to improve their group, and are signposted to resources and training to help them.

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