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Child Protection

Youth groups, like all organisations working with young people, take child protection seriously. Part of Youth Work Essentials, Youth Scotland's online resource Safe and Sound covers in detail the issues, policy and practices that all youth groups should develop.

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Sometimes the number of policies and procedures seen as necessary for child protection can be daunting. This is especially true for the valued volunteer who just wants to give a bit of his/her time to work with young people. It is important to make use of the help that is available to support starting up a new youth group.


All Youth Groups are strongly advised to have adequate insurance cover.

Youth Scotland provides a specialist insurance package and advice on insurance for youth work activities as part of the membership package.


Few buildings are completely perfect for youth clubs, so it is important to check out the places that you have in mind. Think about possible meeting places such as schools, village halls, community centres.

  • Is there enough space for the numbers you are planning for?
  • Are there facilities for the sorts of activities that you want to do?
  • Will you be able to create the right atmosphere?
  • Is the building accessible for everyone?
  • Have you taken into account the views of neighbours and the local community?
    • Seek support for ensuring that you have child protection policy and procedures in place
    • Make sure that you have adequate insurance cover
    • Undertake a health and safety check on potential new premises, identify potential fire hazards and ensure that the premises are accessible.

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