; Opening night

The first night of the youth group or project is a great opportunity for a kind of 'open night' to show potential members exactly what is on offer and what is possible.

Advance publicity is a must and if you have been working with a group of young people beforehand they will be able to spread the news by 'word of mouth'. It will be an ideal opportunity to discuss the programme with young people, what equipment might be needed, new activities which are of interest, and how the youth group can be more interesting and appropriate to them.

Following the opening night everyone will be aware of where the group meets, what nights, and at what times it meets, and who the youth workers are.

Hopefully, the new youth group is now on its way. This is a good time to make sure that you make use of the support and guidance that is available from organisations like Youth Scotland and your local Community Learning and Development Services.

Good luck and enjoy the benefits from planning for a successful youth group.

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