; Funding and fundraising

Fundraising is an important part of running a youth group. Finding and applying for funding can be a daunting process - it is often about not only finding the right funding opportunity for your group but also presenting your bid in the right way.

Finding the right funder

There are a number of places you can go for general help in finding the right funder:

  • Your local authority - most local authorities have a grants programme to support voluntary youth groups and may have a great scheme to help start up a youth group. The best place to start is the Community Learning and Development team in your local council.
  • Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations often has funding advice
  • Trust Funding has information on over 4,200 grant-making trusts
  • Your local library - often a great source of information and it's free!
  • Youth Scotland runs a variety of small grants schemes, including the CashBack Small Grants Scheme.
  • The Youth Scotland website also lists the latest funding opportunities for youth groups, as well as resources to help you in the fundraising process.

Summary: For you to do

  • Have a look at the Youth Scotland funding news and accompanying resources
  • Identify the right funder for your group or project
  • Go through each stage in the guide step by step, allowing yourself time to complete one step before going on to another
  • Record your group's achievements as you go along

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