; About Youth Scotland

Youth Scotland is the network of youth clubs and groups across Scotland. It is the largest non-uniformed youth organisation in Scotland and delivers quality youth work programmes, information, resources, training and support to community based youth work across Scotland.

Youth Scotland has a membership of 968 groups, with 43,668 members and 5,187 youth workers.

The Youth Scotland membership is diverse, ranging from small rural youth groups to large urban projects - the common goal that we all share is better outcomes for young people.

Resources and support

Youth Scotland has a wide range of resources that can provide the support and guidance that you need.

Core resources:

Many of Youth Scotland's core resources are available here at Youth Work Essentials, providing you with information, guidance and downloadable templates on a range of key topics such as Child Protection, PVG,Management Comitees, Employement Law etc. 

Resources for ongoing activities:

Youth Scotland also offers a series of resources designed to support groups in their ongoing activities.

Training, events and projects:

Youth Scotland also supports youth groups and youth workers through training and events and projects.

Find out how Youth Scotland services can help your youth group and how to become a member.

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